A poetry professor critiques celebrity poets

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Ah, the celebrity poetry collection. While they aren’t as pervasive as the celebrity fragrance or (especially recently) the celebrity make-up line, plenty of artistes have chosen to wax lyrical in published verse.

From ‘America’s most famous poetry geek’ James Franco through to former Disney star Bella Thorne, plenty of celebrities have angsty stanzas they’re desperate to get off their chests - and this National Poetry Day, we’re going to indulge them.

We drafted in Tiffany Atkinson, award-winning poet and Professor of Creative Writing (Poetry) at UEA, to give her own expert opinion on the work of ten celebrities - but so Tiffany could stay as neutral as possible we did not reveal which celebrity had written each poem.

So who has a bright future in poetry and who should probably stick to their day job? Here are her thoughts.

Period1 Oct 2020

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