Diss Dig: What East Anglia Threw Away

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On the weekend of 14-15 March, I ran a community dig in Diss, involving members and supervisors from the Young Archaeologists' Club, pupils from Diss High School, students from UEA History ( CEAS), volunteers from the public, Norvic Archaeology and members of the Suffolk Archaeological Field Group. Over two days we clicked in 850 visitors and trained 30 children on site, excavating test pits. Media coverage included the Diss Express, Diss Mercury, Eastern Daily Press, BBC Radio Norfolk and BBC News. The dig, run by CEAS, is the first of a series of events to be arranged by the Diss Heritage Triangle team, as a bid to raise further funds for the £1.6 million HLF bid to redevelop Diss town centre. It is also part of our on-going project What East Anglia Threw Away.
Period13 Mar 2015

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Media contributions

  • TitleDiss Dig: What East Anglia Threw Away
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