Gregory Wildgoose receives the YESS Award 2015

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Following the deliberation of the jury Dr. Gregory Wildgoose was honoured by the first edition of the YESS award at Batteries 2015 in Nice. The jury was unanimous about the innovative quality of his project using frustrated Lewis pairs in a new battery concept. « I am absolutely delighted to receive the YESS award for 2015 from the RS2E network. This is the first award I have ever won and I – together with the rest of the research team – are truly honoured that our ideas and the potential impact of our research into new energy storage technologies using frustrated Lewis pairs has been recognised through this award », reacted the winner. Dr. Wildgoose is currently working at East Anglia University. He was promoted Professor in last August. You can find additionnal details about his work on his group's page at The jury would like to emphasize the quality of ALL the received projects which is a very encouraging surprise for the future of energy storage in Europe. The jury would most specially like to congratulate four other young scientists that were among the final five: - Christian KUSS, Postdoc at McGill Univ. Original synthesis method for Na-ion electrode material - Alexandre PONROUCH, Postdoc at ICMAB Batteries using multivalent cations as electrode materials - Marta KASPRZYK-NIEDZICKA, Assistant professor at Warsaw Univ. New electrolytes for low temperatures applications - Rafael TROCCOLI, Postdoc at Bochum Univ. Energy storage and desalination battery An email will further detailed will be send to all participants shortly.For any enquiries please contact
Period1 Jan 2015

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Media contributions

  • TitleGregory Wildgoose receives the YESS Award 2015
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TitleRS2E Best Young Energy Storage Scientist 2015
LocationNice, Nice, France
Period7 Oct 2015 → 8 Oct 2015