Six undergraduates from the PPL module ‘Intercultural Communication in Practice’ were interviewed by a radio station in Norwich about their work on the ‘Athena SWAN’ and ‘Social Storm’ projects. This module focuses on providing concrete solutions to real-life problems and Future Radio on 107.8 FM invited me as the module organiser to talk about how intercultural communication can be realised in practice through projects led by students. Dr Lorella Viola, who contributed leading the seminars hosted the radio programme. Manee Utthavudhikorn and Aby Zulkarnay were interviewed about their Athena SWAN initiatives in making proposals to alleviate the issue of gender inequality in universities, whilst Josh Loftus, James Page, Vivian Steurer and Xin Jin spoke about their participation in the ‘Social Storm’ competition which focused on the need to develop a sustainable solution to the problems of housing and food security. James Page and Josh Loftus were initially recognised by Professor David Richardson, UEA's Vice-Chancellor and Professor Lee Marsden, PPL Head of School for having won this prestigious competition. They have now had the opportunity to reach a wider audience after talking about their experiences with Future Radio.
Period25 May 2017

Media contributions


Media contributions

  • TitleRadio interview on educational initiatives
    PersonsLeticia Yulita


TitleFuture Radio on 107.8 FM
LocationFuture Radio, Norwich, United Kingdom
Period25 May 2017 → 25 May 2017