National contributions to climate change due to historical emissions of carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide

  • Matthew Jones (Creator)
  • Glen P. Peters (Creator)
  • Thomas Gasser (Creator)
  • Robbie M. Andrew (Creator)
  • Clemens Schwingshackl (Creator)
  • Johannes Gütschow (Creator)
  • Richard A. Houghton (Creator)
  • Pierre Friedlingstein (Creator)
  • Julia Pongratz (Creator)
  • Corinne Le Quéré (Creator)



A dataset describing the global warming response to national emissions CO2, CH4 and N2O from fossil and land use sources during 1851-2021.

National CO2 emissions data are collated from the Global Carbon Project (Andrew and Peters, 2022; Friedlingstein et al., 2022).

National CH4 and N2O emissions data are collated from PRIMAP-hist (HISTTP) (Gütschow et al., 2022).

We construct a time series of cumulative CO2-equivalent emissions for each country, gas, and emissions source (fossil or land use). Emissions of CH4 and N2O emissions are related to cumulative CO2-equivalent emissions using the Global Warming Potential (GWP*) approach, with best-estimates of the coefficients taken from the IPCC AR6 (Forster et al., 2021).

Warming in response to cumulative CO2-equivalent emissions is estimated using the transient climate response to cumulative carbon emissions (TCRE) approach, with best-estimate value of TCRE taken from the IPCC AR6 (Forster et al., 2021, Canadell et al., 2021). 'Warming' is specifically the change in global mean surface temperature (GMST).

The data files provide emissions, cumulative emissions and the GMST response by country, gas (CO2, CH4, N2O or 3-GHG total) and source (fossil emissions, land use emissions or the total).

Data records: overview: The data records include three comma separated values (.csv) files.
Date made available13 Feb 2023

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