Perceptions of Electoral Integrity, (PEI-8.5)

  • Holly Ann Garnett (Creator)
  • Toby James (Creator)
  • Madison MacGregor (Creator)
  • Sofia Caal-Lam (Creator)



This dataset by the Electoral Integrity Project evaluates the quality of elections held around the world. Based on a rolling survey collecting the views of election experts, this research provides independent and reliable evidence to compare whether countries meet international standards of electoral integrity. PEI-8.5 cumulative release covers 497 national parliamentary and presidential contests held worldwide in 169 countries from 1 July 2012 to 31 December 2021. For each contest, approximately 40 election experts receive an electronic invitation to fill the survey. The survey includes assessments from 4,722 election experts, with a mean response rate of 23%. The study collects 49 indicators to compare elections. These indicators are clustered to evaluate eleven stages in the electoral cycle as well as generating an overall summary Perception of Electoral Integrity (PEI) 100-point index and comparative ranking. The datasets are available for analysis at three levels: COUNTRY-level (169 observations); ELECTION-level (497 observations), and also EXPERT-level (4,722 observations). Each dataset can be downloaded in STATA, CSV, and EXCEL formats. (2023-03-28)
Date made available29 Mar 2023
PublisherElectoral Integrity Project

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