Thermometer exposure metadata and monthly estimates of the exposure biases arising from the transition to Stevenson screens at mid-latitude weather stations in an extended version of the CRUTEM5 station database (which starts in 1781; Osborn et al., 2021).

This dataset accompanies Wallis et al. (2024). Please see the readme file and Wallis et al. (2024) for further information about the dataset format and its creation.



Osborn, T.J., Jones, P.D., Lister, D.H., Morice, C.P., Simpson, I.R., Winn, J., Hogan, E. & Harris, I.C. (2021) Land surface air temperature variations across the globe updated to 2019: the CRUTEM5 dataset. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 126, e2019JD032352,

Wallis, E.J., Osborn, T.J., Taylor, M., Jones, P.D., Joshi, M. & Hawkins, E. (2024) Quantifying exposure biases in early instrumental land surface air temperature observations. International Journal of Climatology,
Date made available14 Mar 2024
Date of data production14 Mar 2024

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