Profile named as Top 5% by 30-Day Views in September 2014

  • Markus Wohlfeil (Participant)

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Narrative is a very popular website, where academics from around the world and across many disciplines share their research work (peer-reviewed journal publications, conference papers, working papers, extracts from research monographs, trade reports, etc.) with each other. Thus, the website is also used by independent researchers, students and Highschool students to access research papers.
Although my profile was only set up in January 2014, it was named "Top 5% by 30-day views" for September 2014, which refers to 'unique visitors'. These unique visitors have been both academics in- & outside my field and non-academics from across the world (UK, Finland, Denmark, Spain, France, Germany, Cyprus, USA, Canada, Brazil, Indonesia, Nepal, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, South Africa, Morocco, Tunesia, etc.). It shows that there is a broad(er) interest in my research output irrespective of the journals there published in, because of the innovative research topic and findings.

Who is affected

Research community within Consumer Culture Theory, Arts Marketing and Experiential Marketing as well as outside of marketing (i.e. media studies, film studies, sociology, social psychology, cultural anthropology, leisure research) plus the broader non-academic public interested in celebrity fandom, fan studies, celebrity culture, event-marketing, experiential marketing, film marketing or arts marketing.
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