Assuring quality through translation revision

Impact: Public policy Impacts, Economic Impacts


An invited plenary and associated hands-on workshop for 150 translators and quality managers at the European Parliament, Luxembourg. Based on my empirical research on translation quality across the profession, the keynote provides participants with critical understanding of the range of approaches to measuring and improving translation quality in the real world, before an afternoon workshop focusing on real EU translations of legal documents and the quality processes applied. The afternoon workshop is led jointly by Jo Drugan and Angelika Vaasa, Quality Manager at the Directorate General for Translation, European Parliament. Our aim is to raise awareness of the range of approaches to measuring and improving quality, based on Drugan's original research, thus supporting participants to reflect on and refine their practice of translation and revision.

Who is affected

EU translators, revisers and quality managers
EU translation clients and users (MEPs, EU committees, Parliament, Court of Justice and so on; EU citizens who need access to EU texts in translation)
Impact statusOpen
Category of impactPublic policy Impacts, Economic Impacts
Impact levelBenefit


  • translation quality
  • translation revision
  • translation quality policy
  • translation management
  • EU institutions