Developing an AI system for Improving Seabed Mapping


Description of impact

Seabed mapping is essential for marine science, the maritime industry and environmental protection, but is very expensive and time-consuming. Consequently, up to date, only about 20% of the Earth’s seabed has been mapped. Therefore, making seabed mapping more efficient and more accurate remains a significant challenge.
Funded with two EIRA and one KTP grants, Dr Wang (PI), Dr Milner(Co-I) and Dr. Websdale (SRA) have been working with GeoAcoustics to develop an artificial intelligence (AI) system to improve existing seabed mapping technology.
The prototype of the AI system has been integrated with the sonar device of GeoAcoustics and demonstrated live in the Ocean Business Show at Southampton, 2021. It has been beta-tested by some customers since then and their feedback indicated that the AI system achieves better than or similar accuracy to trained human users but at a much faster speed, essentially in real-time. This AI system has shown its industrial leading technology ability to make seabed mapping much more efficient and effective and hence presents a huge commercial potential for our industrial partner.
Impact statusIn preparation
Impact levelEngagement