Improving international advocacy for media freedom (impact case study)

Impact: Public policy Impacts

Description of impact

Dr Scott’s research investigates how to improve government-led international advocacy for media freedom – to ensure that their actions better meet the needs of journalists in different countries. His research identifies ways of ensuring that (1) the public statements made by international Coalitions are more visible and strongly supported, (2) diplomatic support is backed-up by grant funding and (3) countries advocating for media freedom also support journalists ‘at home’. This research is helping to inform the design and decision-making of the ‘Media Freedom Coalition’, an inter-state coalition supported by over 50 governments, at the highest levels. His research is also providing an evidence base for civil society actors to pressure governments to increase the strength and speed of their support for journalists. In doing so, this research is ultimately helping to better protect journalists, enabling them to play their role in supporting democracy and human rights.
Impact statusOpen
Impact date20212027
Category of impactPublic policy Impacts
Impact levelBenefit