Description of impact

a greater public appreciation of the history of the protest song as a form of political communication, and an understanding of the contribution of song to political thought and action over time;

an insight into how professional musicians write and perform protest songs;

the opportunity to participate in a community-based performance and creation of protest songs

support for a theatrical production of 'Songs of Hope & Protest'

Who is affected

The Common Lot Theatre company
Latitude Festival
The Public


-facilitating the benefits of singing and musical engagement (as identified by the What Works Wellbeing research)
- delivery of a successful theatrical/musical performance
- development of the capacity of the members of the local community involved in the performance and creation of protest songs
- development of the creative skills of festival attendees who take part in the songwriting workshop
- increased awareness and understanding of historical protest songs and songrwiters amongst the general public and musicians and cultural practitioners at the festival
- greater understanding of the conditions in which protest song emerges
generating and consolidating existing connections within marginalised urban communities (via partnership with The Common Lot and the Mile Cross community)
Impact statusOpen
Impact date1 Oct 20211 Jan 2023
Category of impactCultural Impacts, Quality of life Impacts, Social Impacts


  • Protest music