Problem-Based-Learning at Norwich Medical School

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Contribution to enhancing students' communication during PBL sessions at NMS

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Students and Lecturers at Norwich Medical School


The methodology developed to design the EMMA test was further applied to the analysis of medical students’ interactions in the context of Problem-Based Leaning (PBL) sessions at NMS (research instigated by Pauline Bryant, PBL Co-ordinator in MED). PBL is an approach to learning in which students acquire new knowledge and understanding by jointly addressing a problem (a medical case study in this particular context) but the modalities of participation must be managed appropriately for this aim to be achieved. This did not seem to be the case at NMS and the objective of the analysis was to establish what was not working in the PBL interactions and preventing students from benefitting fully from these sessions. The findings were presented at the 4th ALAPP conference in Geneva (Sept 2014) to an audience of linguists and medical professionals and were used to inform the design of a new PBL short manual for PBL tutors and students at NMS. The PI’s contribution was acknowledged in the publication (2015).
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Impact date2014
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