Psychology teaching University of Bari (Italy)

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Description of impact

Teaching of psychology at the University of Bari

Who is affected

Students and lecturers of Psychology at the University of Bari


Following collaborative work with Dr Rosita Maglie (Researcher and Lecturer in the Department di Education, Psychology and Communication at the University of Bari, Italy), a written version of the EMMA test, translated into Italian, is currently being used as part of psychology teaching at the University of Bari. The test has initially been administered to Year 1 students as a platform for raising their awareness of empathic communication in non-specialised communication. Further work is planned, in collaboration with a group of psychologists contributing to the programme of study, to adapt the test scenarios so that they may be used by final year students to check and practice empathic expression in realistic psychology consultations.
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Impact date2016
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