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Anamika Bhattacharjee is a distinguished academic and historian with an excellent educational background and a diverse professional portfolio. She completed her Bachelors of Arts in History from the University of Delhi and subsequently earned her Master's degree in History from Rabindra Bharati University. Following her academic training, Anamika embarked on a teaching career as a Lecturer of History at Salesian College in India. Here, she imparted knowledge to undergraduate students in various subjects, including Medieval Indian History, History of America, History of Japan and China, Modern Indian History, and Historiography.

In addition to her teaching career, Anamika is a prolific author. Her first book, "The History of Siliguri (1800-2020)", is a comprehensive historical account of the region's past. Her second publication, "The Tribes and Castes of Darjeeling District", delves into the rich cultural tapestry of Darjeeling district, exploring the intricate social structures within the district. 

Currently, Anamika is advancing her academic pursuits through a full-time Ph.D at the university of East Anglia. Her research focuses on British Interpretations of Hindu Festivals from 1757-1858, offering a critical analysis of colonial administrators and contemporaries perspectives and representations. 

In addition to her Ph.D studies, Anamika works part-time as a supply teacher of English and History in secondary schools around Norwich and Norfolk. Her engagement with education extends beyond the classroom; she is an active volunteer with Hungate Medieval Art, a charity dedicated to promoting Norfolk's medieval History through free art exhibitions, and events. 

Anamika's passion for history and heritage preservation is further demonstrated through her involvement with the Gardens Trust, a national organization committed to studying and protecting historic gardens in the UK. She contributes articles and blogs to the Trust and participates in various related events and meetings.

Moreover, Anamika volunteers with the Norwich Theatre, where she serves as a Theatre Disruptor. In this role, she reviews performances, provides innovative ideas, and helps implement changes to enhance the theatre experience.

Anamika's dedication to her field, coupled with her extensive teaching, research, and volunteer work, underscores her commitment to history and education. Her contributions to historical scholarship and community engagement reflect her profound love for reading, writing and preserving cultural heritage.  

Academic Background


Institution: Holy Child Auxilium School (convent), New Delhi, India.

Year of Completion: 2014.


2. Undergraduate Education

Degree: Bachelors of Arts in History

Institution: Ram Lal Anand College, University of Delhi, India.

Year of Completion: 2017


3. Postgraduate Education

Degree: Masters of Arts in History

Institution: Rabindra Bharati University, India.

Year of Completion: 2020


4. Doctoral Studies

Degree: Ph.D in History

Institution: University of East Anglia (UEA), UK.

Duration: May 2022-May 2026

Education/Academic qualification

Master of Arts

Award Date: 31 Jul 2021