Personal profile

Academic Background

1983 1. Staatsexamen (University of Dűsseldorf)

1985 MA (University of Dűsseldorf)

1989 Dr. Phil. (University of Dűsseldorf)

1997 Dr. Habil. (University of Dűsseldorf)

Awards/Visiting Professorships

2009 Distinguished Visiting Fellowship, Queen Mary University of London

2004 Visiting professorship, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

1993 together with Professor Nigel Reeves, OBE: Unilever Prize for innovative language teaching


Andreas Musolff read Linguistics, German and English Philology at the Universities of Dűsseldorf and London (SOAS, UCL). After finishing the first degree, he worked at a School for Disabled Children and the Volkshochschule Dűsseldorf. In 1989, he obtained his PhD for work on the history of psycholinguistics and in 1996 his habilitation for work on political discourse analysis. In 2013 he held a Visiting Fellowship at the Truman Institute, Hebrew University in Jerusalem, in 2009 a Distinguished Visiting Fellowship, Queen Mary University of London and in 2004 a Distinguished Visiting Fellowship, Queen Mary University of London. In 1993, he was awarded the Unilever Prize for innovative language teaching.


·         1990-1995: Lecturer in German Studies, Aston University

·         1996-2010: Senior Lecturer, then reader, then Professor in German Studies, Durham University

·         since 2010: Professor of Intercultural Communication, UEA


Key Research Interests

My research interests are in the areas of Intercultural Communication, Cognitive Linguistics, Political Discourse Analysis, Historical Semantics and Pragmatics and the History of Applied Linguistics. My most recent work has focused on cross-cultural comparison of metaphor use, language and racism, and quotation in intercultural communication.

Key Responsibilities

Director of Research

Director, Postgraduate Research

Areas of Expertise

Intercultural communication; languages; linguistics; media language; political discourse.

Teaching Interests

Intercultural Communication, Communication conflicts and their resolution, Metaphor, Translation: English-German

Teaching Activities

  • MA in Language, Society and Culture
  • MA in Communication and Language Studies
  • MA in Conflicts in Intercultural Communication
  • MA in Applied Translation Studies