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Key Research Interests

Research interests include free trade from Adam Smith to Globalisation; William Huskisson and the British State, 1790-1830, Letters of Richard Cobden; the history of international and national political economy 18-20th centuries.

Past Research Projects and Grants

 Project Title Start Date End Date Funding Body Project Body
The Letters of Richard Cobden 1804-18651/11/200430/9/2006Arts and Humanities Research CouncilAnthony Howe, Simon Morgan
Richard Cobden Bicentenary Conference16/7/200416/8/2004British AcademyN/A
The Letters of Richard Cobden (1804-65)1/9/200328/10/2004Arts and Humanities Research CouncilN/A

Key Responsibilities

Professor Howe is Research Director for the School of History.

Areas of Expertise

British history since 1750; history of globalisation.


Anthony Howe specialises in the history of nineteenth and early twentieth-century Britain. His books include Free Trade and Liberal England, 1846-1946 (Oxford, 1998) and, with Simon Morgan, he has edited Rethinking Nineteenth-Century Liberalism: Richard Cobden Bicentenary Essays (Ashgate, 2006).  With the support of an AHRC resource enhancement grant, he recently edited four volumes the letters of the leading British radical Richard Cobden (1804-1865).


Teaching Interests

Professor Howe teaches second year courses on Victorian Britain and on National Identities in Britain and the British World, 1801-1951, third year options on Edwardian Britain and Liberalism in the Age of Cobden and Gladstone, and at master's level, Britain America, and the International Economic Order, 1846-1996. He is willing to supervise dissertations in most areas of nineteenth and twentieth-century British history as well as on the history of free trade and globalisation.