Bob Budd

Bob Budd


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Personal profile


Pocket career history

  • Honorary Senior Lecturer (2020-2023): UEA

Lecture topics: Child Development; Interviewing Parents and Taking a History; Children with Neurodevelopmental Difficulties & Disorders; Working with Children, young people and families; Working Systemically with Children; Systemic Formulation; Trainee Systemic Case Discussion groups, UEA representative for shortlisting and interviewing; & OSCEs assessor


  • UEA Associate Tutor DclinPsy (2011- 2020): UEA

Lecture topics including: Child Development, Interviewing Parents and Taking a History, Neurodevelopmental Difficulties & Disorders, Cognitive Assessment, Behaviour Management & Functional Analysis, Introduction to Systemic Therapy, Working Systemically in Learning Disabilities; hosting Trainee Systemic Case Discussion groups; and External Oral Exam & OSCEs assessor


  • Principal Clinical Psychologist (2018- present): NNUH Paediatric Oncology (April 2020 onwards), Paediatric Rheumatology (until 2021), & Neonatal Intensive Care Unit


  • Principal Clinical Psychologist (2018- 2020): NSFT Suffolk Learning Disabilities CAMHS


  • Career break (2016-2018)


  • Principal Clinical Psychologist & Service Lead (2014- 2016): NSFT Autism Diagnostic Youth Service for Suffolk


  • Highly Specialist Clinical Psychologist (2008- 2014): NCH&C Starfish - Norfolk Learning Disabilities CAMHS


  • Trainee Clinical Psychologist (2005-2008): UEA/Cambridge & Peterborough NHS Trust


  • Assistant Psychologist (2002-2005): Norfolk NHS Community Learning Disabilities Team (2002-2005)



  • ClinPsyD at University of East Anglia (2005-2008)

(Specialist Placements in Systemic Child and Family; Adult Cognitive Analytic Therapy & Existential Group Therapy)

  • Foundation Level Certificate of Family Therapy at Anglia Ruskins University  (2010)
  • BSc (Hons) Psychology with Philosophy at University of Sunderland (1997-2000)

Academic Background


  • Wilson, C., Budd, B., Chernin, R., King, H., Leddy, A., Maclennan, F., & Mallandain, I. (2011). The role of meta-cognition and parenting in adolescent worry. Journal of Anxiety disorders, 25(1), 71-79.
  • Wrigley, M., & Budd, B. (2013) Reflections on being a learning disability child-and-adolescent-mental-health family therapy team: The first three years. Context: The Magazine for Family and Systemic Practice in the UK, (127), 36-41.