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My main areas of research relate to coastal processes, coastal protection and sediment transport. I have worked with colleaques on international coastal and beach field experiments in Canada (C2S2 programme), the US (Duck '94, Sandy Duck), New Zealand and Australia, but have a special interest in the erosion and coastal defences of the East Anglian coast (LEACOAST 1, 2 funded by the EPSRC 2002-8). particulary the north Norfolk around to the Orwell in Suffolk. I also have worked on the hydrodynamic and morphodynamice modelling of sandbanks, beaches and rivers.  For many years, I have developed the use of high-frequency acoustic backscatter systems (ABS) for measuring profiles of suspended sand under the action of waves and tides. Mymost recent research projects was the NERC-funded FLOCSAM programme which was designed to investigate the acoustic responses of flocculating marine sediments; currently acoustic instrumentation (such as ADVs, ADCPs and ABS) is used very empirically in muddy marine environments, FLOCSAM has produced models that will move these measurments onto a more physical footing (see below MacDonald et al (2013), Thorne et al (2014) and Vincent et al (under Rreview))

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Fax: +44 (0)1603 591327

Key Research Interests

Coastal and beach processes, erosion and protection; sediment transport in the coastal zone; morphodynamic evolution of coasts; marine acoustics and instrumentation. 

Significant publications

MacDonald I.T., C.E. Vincent, P.D. Thorne and B.D. Moate(2013) Acoustic scattering from a suspension of flocculated sediments. JGR (Oceans) DOI: 10.1002/jgrc.20197

DolphinT.J., C.E. Vincent, J.C. Bacon, E. Dumont, and A. Terentjeva (2012). Decadal-scale impacts of a segmented, shore-parallel breakwater system. Coastal Engineering, 66, 24-34

Park H-B. and C. E. Vincent. 2007 Evolution of Scroby Sands in the east Anglian coast, UK. Journal of Coastal Research, SI 50, 868-873 (Proceedings of the 9th International Coastal Symposium, Gold Coast, Australia), ISSN 0749.0208.

Dolphin T.J., C. E. Vincent, C. Coughlan and J. M. Rees. 2007 Variability in sandbank behaviour at decadal and annual time scales and implications for adjacent beaches. Journal of Coastal Research, SI 50, 731-737 (Proceedings of the 9th International Coastal Symposium, Gold Coast, Australia)  ISSN 0749.0208.

Bacon J.C, C. E. Vincent, T. J. Dolphin, J. A. Taylor, S-Q. Pan and B. A. O’Connor. 2007 Shore parallel breakwaters in meso-tidal conditions: Tidal controls on sediment transport and their longer term regional impacts at Sea Palling, UK. Journal of Coastal Research, SI 50, 369-373 (Proceedings of the 9th International Coastal Symposium, Gold Coast, Australia), ISSN 0749.0208.

Green M.O, C.E.Vincent, A.C.Trembanis, (2004). Suspension of coarse and fine sand on a wave-dominated shoreface, with implications for the development of rippled scour depressions. Continental Shelf Research, 24, 317-335.

Lee G-H., W.B.Dade, C.T.Friedrichs, and C.E.Vincent, (2004). Examination of Reference Concentration Under Waves and Currents on the Inner Shelf. Journal of Geophysical Research, 109(C2), 10.1029/2002JC001707.

Black K.P. and C.E. Vincent (2001) Sediment suspension under shoaling waves: high-resolution field measurements and numerical models. Coastal Engineering, 42, 173-197


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