Christine Raschka


  • 1.17 Queens Building

Personal profile

Academic Background

  • PhD, Newcastle, 1996
  • BSc (Hons) Speech and Psychology, Newcastle, 1992

Teaching Interests

My teaching include aspects of:

  • (Applied) linguistics
  • sociolinguistic,
  • bilingualism,
  • second language acquisition and,
  • Descriptive Syntax


Administrative Posts

  • Associate Director Learning and Teaching
  • School Plagiarism and Collusion Officer
  • Module co-ordinator for Professional Development
  • Visiting placement tutor



1998-2006 Lecturer & Senior Lecturer in Applied Linguistics, English Language Centre, Northumbria University

Prior to this I have held a number of temporary teaching posts at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, University College Ripon and York, and University of Durham, as well as, locum Speech and Language Therapy (paediatric) posts in North & South Tyneside. I was employed as a Research Associate on an ESRC funded research project R000235869 'First language maintenance and development by British-born Chinese children in Tyneside' for 18 months (1996-7) and in 1995 spend a wonderful year as a visiting research scholar at the University of Michigan, USA.

Key Research Interests

My research focus is on adult and child bilingualism (e.g. education, intercultural communication, language impairment), and second language acquisition in structured and non-structured contexts (especially grammatical development and functions of code-switching). More recently, I (with my colleague Zoe Butterfint) have begun work on the role of prosody and intonation in non-native speaker health communications.


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Selected conference presentations

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Raschka, C. (1999) invited seminar speaker, 'Maintenance and development of a first language in a second language environment'. University of York.

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