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    Daryl recently completed his PhD in Creative Practice, by exploring concepts and the uses of videographic criticism as a creative filmmaking practice. He is an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

    Daryl also holds the following degrees:

    Masters of Arts in Film, Television and Creative Practice from the University of East Anglia. 

    Selected Modules: Creative Film Production, Creative Media Research. Creative Industries and Business. Big Hollywood Theory.  Dissertation Title: Disrupting the Gender Bias in Domestic Abuse TV campaigns.

     Bachelors degree with Honours from the University of Northampton 

    Selected Modules: Film Production, Television Production, Hollywood and Film Theory. External Video Production. Dissertation Title: The use of 'Poetic License' in historically based, narrative filmmaking.


    Daryl has worked within both Live production and channel management. In Daryl's early career, he worked over 1000+ hours in live TV production as a Floor Manager and several hours working as an assistant producer.


    Daryl then moved to broadcast operations, where he was responsible for the On-Air Management of Talking Pictures TV ( the largest European broadcaster) BARB rated. When Daryl first joined the company they only had just over 1.5 million viewers, over the space of Daryl's time with the channel, Daryl worked within a small strategic team that co-operatively built the channel to 3 million viewers. The general duties included the day to day operations between scheduling to playout. This included: Asset Segmentation from channel supplier to Playout house, break pattern management for revenue, PRS Music Management, scheduling services, EPG service, press release, promo creation and social media management. 

    Key Research Interests

    Daryl's current research delves into creative practice research methodologies within film and TV theory, focusing on the active engagement of practitioner-researchers in filmmaking within videographic criticism. This exploration aims to enrich our understanding of film theory by leveraging videographic criticism as a tool for creative cognition. Specifically, the research seeks to evaluate and delineate auteurism through personal practices.

    Additionally, Daryl's career and interests extend to Broadcasting operations research and Media's role in knowledge transfer. The use of cinematography as creative practice research. Also examining the transition from traditional broadcasting platforms to online streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and Vimeo.

    Media Expertise

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