Dominic McLean

Dominic McLean


  • 0.26 Lawrence Stenhouse Building

Personal profile

Key Research Interests

I’m interested in how we understand visual scenes, particularly the manner in which perception of the world around us is informed by an observer’s expectations, and also face recognition abilities, especially in terms of the influence of unconscious bias in eyewitness identification.


Dr Dominic McLean joined the School as a Lecturer in Psychology in 2022.  He studied both for his MSc and PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience at UEA, specialising in visual cognition.  His research has spanned face recognition abilities and eyewitness testimony in cross-ethnicity crime, the role of antecedent and auditory information in the rapid processing of visual scenes, and the relationship between perceived status and gaze leading / following behaviour.  Dominic specialises in behavioural, EEG, and eye tracking methodologies, and has previously worked as an Assistant Psychologist within the NHS Wellbeing Service.

Key Responsibilities

Administrator of SONA, the School of Psychology's portal for the recruitment of research participants.

Research Group or Lab Membership

Cognition, Action and Perception.

Areas of Expertise

Research: Scene processing, face processing

Methods: EEG, Eye tracking