Filipa Antunes
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Academic Background

PhD in Film, Television and Media (UEA)

MA in Film Studies (UCL)

MA in Screenwriting (The London Film School)

Licenciatura in Communication Sciences, with a specialism in Journalism (Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal)


Dr. Filipa Antunes is a Lecturer in Humanities specialising in media and culture. She teaches a range of modules around these subjects on the Humanities Foundation Year, the Liberal Arts degree, and the Film, Television, and Media degrees.

Filipa's main research interests are childhood and popular culture, especially when the two intersect: ratings and other forms of media regulation; boundaries between childhood and adulthood (and the culture of children and adults); and representations of childhood, parenthood, and family.

Filipa's monograph, “Children Beware! Childhood, Horror and the PG-13 Rating" (McFarland, 2020) charts the children's horror trend of the 1980s and 1990s to explore important shifts in the film industry (including dramatic changes to the ratings system) and in American cultural attitudes toward childhood, pre-adolescence, the meaning of ratings, and the horror genre.

Filipa has also published on the PG-13 rating, parenting trends and the family film in Journal of Film and Media, Journal of Children and Media and other journals.

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Key Research Interests

Genre studies

Reception studies and methodologies

Media classification

Media industries

Horror, including horror for children (children's horror)

Childhood, Family, and Parenting in media and culture

Popular culture, including children's culture


Teaching Interests

Current Teaching:

Visual Cultures

Cultural and Creative Industries

Ways to Knowledge: Disciplines and Practices

Children's Television and Film Cultures


Past Teaching:

Analysing Film and Television

Studies in Film History


Humanities: the Key Concepts

Introduction to Visual Cultures

Creative Industries

Children's Television

Analysing Television