Helena Carr

Helena Carr


  • 3.14 Arts and Humanities Building

Personal profile

Key Research Interests

I am a historian who specialises in the study of the early european Middle Ages. My current research looks at the cultural and political transformations and continuities in an area of the eastern Swiss Alps, known as the praeses-bishopric of Churraetia, from the end of the Roman Empire to around 900A.D. I am interested in questions of identity (particularly in terms of romanitas and mountain societies), early Christianisation and ecclesiastical expansion, and the influence of transportation and communication networks and mountain topography on cultural development. My background in archaeology and continued interest in interdisciplinary approaches, informs this research, which utilises a wide range of surviving material culture. 

Academic Background

I studied Archaeology and History at the University of York before going on to complete an MA Medieval History and PhD in History (AHRC funded). After having completed my studies at York, I have since taught at the Universities of St Andrews, Oxford (where I was a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow), and Sheffield. I have been teaching at UEA since 2013. Though I am happy to supervise a wide range of topics related to medieval studies, I would be particularly happy to work with anyone interested in studying early medieval Europe (including the British Isles) or the history of upland/mountain communities.

Key Responsibilities

Joint Admissions Director for the Interdisciplinary Institute of the Humanities