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Japanese Studies


Hirohito Tsuji (辻󠄀 博仁) is a postgraduate researcher at the School of History, University of East Anglia specialising in the Imperial Family of Japan. He is originally from Hokkaido in Japan, and is fluent in classical Japanese and classical Chinese.

He is also active as an amateur Enka 演歌 singer, performing at international cultural events, visiting medical welfare institutions, and among activities.

Academic Background

Before obtaining a master of arts in interdisciplinary Japanese studies from the University of East Anglia, Hirohito completed his degree of bachelor of arts in Japanese history and the minor field of Shinto studies at Kogakkan University, and degree of master of history in Japanese history and the minor programme of museology at Kokugakuin University.

Currently, he is carrying out his PhD research in history at the University of East Anglia.


Hirohito is a licensed Shinto priest, as well as has Japanese national qualifications as a museum curator and a librarian.

He used to work at the Prince Chichibu Memorial Sport Museum and Libray, and the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.

He contributed to the international collaborative research project between the Art Research Center at the Ritsumeikan University, Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures, and the Centre for Japanese Studies at the University of East Anglia.

As an amateur Enka singer, he has obtained numerous awards at prestigious karaoke contests both in Japan and overseas.

He is also a private Japanese language tutor.

Key Responsibilities

Currently, Hirohito is a visiting fellow at the Research Institute of the History and the Culture, and a contributor for Japanese studies, The Digital Orientalist.

Research Group or Lab Membership

Hirohito is a member of the Medieval and Early Modern PGR Research Group, and Norwich Kuzushi-ji Seminar.

Key Research Interests

Hirohito's PhD research focuses on the Imperial Family of Japan, especially the genealogy of the branch families called miyake 宮家.

Teaching Interests

Hirohito is interested in teaching Japanese/East Asian studies in general (including history, culture, religion, legal system, gender studies, anthropology, modern/classical language, and music, etc), and has an interest in museum studies, library science, and digital humanities. 

He can teach in Japanese, English, Mandarin Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.

Postgraduate Research Opportunities

Hirohito is interested in collaborative research about Japanese/East Asian studies in general (including history, culture, religion, legal systems, gender studies, anthropology, and music, etc.), and has a particular interest in the Imperial Family of Japan and world monarchies.

He is available in 日本語, English, 简体中文, and 繁體中文.

Expertise related to UN Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, UN member states agreed to 17 global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all. This person’s work contributes towards the following SDG(s):

  • SDG 16 - Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Education/Academic qualification

Master of Arts, University of East Anglia

Award Date: 3 Dec 2021

Master of Arts, Kokugakuin University

Award Date: 15 Mar 2019

Bachelor of Arts, Kogakkan University

Award Date: 18 Mar 2017

External positions

Visiting Fellow, Research Institute of the History and the Culture

2024 → …

Contributor for Japanese Studies, The Digital Orientalist

2023 → …

Research Assistant, Ritsumei-kan Asia Pacific University


Assistant Curator, Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum


Museum and Library Assistant, Japan Sport Council



  • Asian History
  • Imperial Family of Japan
  • Emperors of Japan
  • Japanese Imperial House Law
  • Imperial Court of Japan
  • Chrysanthemum Throne
  • Empresses of Japan
  • Branch Families of the Imperial House of Japan
  • Japan's Laws for the Imperial and Court Officials
  • Yōrō Code
  • Constitution of Japan
  • Constitution of the Empire of Japan
  • Ministry of Imperial Household of Japan
  • Imperial Household Agency of Japan
  • Imperial Succession
  • Grand Shrines in Ise
  • Imperial Palace Sanctuaries
  • Imperial Mausolea and Tombs in Japan
  • Monarchy
  • Japanese Studies
  • Japanese History
  • Japanese Culture
  • Japanese Religion
  • Shinto Studies
  • Genealogy
  • 皇室
  • 宮家
  • 世襲親王家
  • 四親王家
  • 天皇
  • 皇位継承
  • 女性天皇
  • 譲位
  • 朝廷
  • 公家社会
  • 華族制度
  • 臣籍降下
  • 律令
  • 皇室典範
  • 伏見宮
  • 桂宮
  • 有栖川宮
  • 閑院宮
  • 皇室神道
  • 神宮
  • 宮中三殿
  • 陵墓
  • 宮中祭祀
  • 皇室制度
  • 淑子内親王
  • 德川壽子
  • 鷹司吉子
  • 相続
  • 養継嗣
  • 家名
  • 家業
  • 祖霊祭祀
  • イエ意識
  • 分家
  • 家産
  • 当主
  • 氏族制
  • 宮内省
  • 宮内庁
  • 諸大夫
  • 人生儀礼
  • 神道史
  • 仏教史
  • 音楽史
  • 神社建築
  • 仏教建築
  • 石碑
  • 八王子千人同心
  • 軍事史
  • 長州征討
  • くずし字AI
  • MLA連携
  • 博物館附属図書館
  • 野外博物館
  • 醸造・蒸留博物館
  • 文化遺産
  • 考古学史
  • 環状列石
  • 演歌・歌謡曲
  • 日本研究
  • 学際研究

Media Expertise

  • Japan
  • History
  • Law
  • Gender politics
  • Education