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My research focus centers on Khasland, women's empowerment, and climate resilience in Bangladesh. My research revolves around the central question: "How does the transfer of Khasland among women-headed households empower women and enhance their resilience against climate change? The research also wants to assess whether the transfer of Khasland to landless women is a more effective social safety net strategy compared to existing government programs for enhancing resilience and empowering women in Bangladesh.  By examining the effectiveness of Khasland transfer as a social safety net strategy, my work can inform policymakers, NGOs, and development organizations in Bangladesh on the best practices for enhancing climate resilience and women's empowerment. Through my work I am also hoping to contribute significantly in the current literature and frameworks surrounding climate resilience. My research employs a multidisciplinary approach, incorporating qualitative and quantitative methods, fieldwork, surveys, and in-depth interviews. By collecting real-world data and engaging with the communities directly affected, I aim to offer a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by women in the context of Khasland transfer and climate resilience.

Before embarking on my Ph.D. journey, I served as the Head of the Climate Change and Disaster and Humanitarian Assistance Program at Uttaran. I worked in the Organization for over 10 years in different position and spent a significant amount of time in southwest Bangladesh. This role allowed me to immerse myself in the dynamic landscape of southwest Bangladesh, gaining profound knowledge about the specific climate and disaster risks that confront this region. My work extended to the design and execution of climate change adaptation projects, aiming to enhance the resilience of communities in the face of ever-increasing environmental challenges. Particularly, I have years of experience working on water governance and nature based adaptation solutions.  My dedicated contributions in the humanitarian sector were acknowledged with the prestigious Change Maker Award from Start Network.

My transition from a leadership position in a grassroots NGO to pursuing a Ph.D. underscores my commitment to bridging the gap between academic research and real-world impact. I believe that by merging my academic exploration of Khasland, women's empowerment, and climate resilience with my hands-on experience in Bangladesh, I can contribute to the creation of more effective strategies and policies for sustainable development and climate resilience