Joanne West

Joanne West


  • 0.41 Medical School

Personal profile

Academic Background

Following completing an advanced diploma in integrative counselling in 2010 I began Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner training and gained a PGCert in Low Intensity Psychological Interventions in 2011.  I recently completed a PGCert in Higher Education Practice with UEA in 2021.


I worked for Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust as a Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner (PWP) from 2011, rising to Senior Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner in 2013 and then to Wellbeing Team Leader in 2016.  I began my role as Lecturer on the PWP training course at UEA in June 2019.

Areas of Expertise

I have a strong interest in insomnia and it's relationship with anxiety and depression.  I trained in CBT for Insomnia and have worked with many patients successfully treating their insomnia.  I teach sleep and insomnia treatment on the PWP course at UEA.  I am interested in insomnia research and further training in insomnia treatment.

Key Responsibilities

I lead on involving service users in our teaching programme and am developing ways in which we can include their input into our teaching as well as involving them in other ways in the PWP teaching programme.