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Academic Background

John received his BA in Natural Science from Cambridge University in 1976. After studying for an MSc at Manchester University in 1977 he returned to Cambridge and studied for a PhD in the implementation of Relational Databases, awarded in 1984.



Following an appointment as a Research Associate at Manchester, working on languages for programming Dataflow computers, John moved to UEA in 1984 as Information Technology Lecturer. He became a Senior Lecturer in the School of Information Systems in 1991 and was appointed Professor of Computing Science in 2002.

John was Dean of the School from 1997 to 2000 during which period the two disciplines represented in the School, Computer Science and Electronic Engineering, were combined to make a unified School with a common research culture. A significant increase in research funding took annual income from around £500k to over £2,000k in 2000.

Key Research Interests

John Glauert is part of the Virtual Humans Group

A common theme running through my contributions to research has been the development of models of computation that allow for parallel and concurrent computing. My interest is in computations that will often be best executed sequentially, but are not over-constrained in terms of evaluation order.

My concern is for frameworks that lead to practical implementation, but these are approached with the conviction that a sound theoretical basis is essential. Hence I have focussed on high-level programming languages, computer architectures, the models and intermediate forms that bridge the two, and the theoretical foundations of such models. My interest has been in declarative languages - both functional and relational - and more recently in languages with explicit concurrency.

The use of intermediate representations for data and computational objects is central to my current work on the ViSiCAST project where a framework for representing of sign language is being developed, based on XML.

Virtual humans research at UEA

Selected Publications

Kennaway, J. R., Glauert, J.R.W., and Zwitserlood, I., Providing Signed Content in the Internet by Synthesized Animation. ACM Transactions on Computer Human Interaction, Volume 14, Issue 3, Page(s) 1-29, 2007.

Glauert, J. R. W., Elliott, R., Cox, S.J., Tryggvason, J. and Sheard, M., VANESSA - A system for communication between Deaf and hearing people. Technology and Disability, Volume 18, Number 4, Page(s) 207-216, 2007.

Khasidashvili, Z. and Glauert, J. R. W., The conflict-free Reduction Geometry. Theoretical Computer Science, Volume 347, Issue 3, Page(s) 465-497, 2005.

Khasidashvili, Z., and Glauert, J.R.W.,, Relating conflict-free stable transistions and event models via redex families. Theoretical Computer Science, Volume 286, Issue 1, Page(s) 65-95, 2002.


Key Responsibilities

External liaison
Director of Enterprise and Industrial Engagement
SYSCO Executive Director