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The main focus of my research is on Romantic and post-Romantic literature and culture. This work builds on earlier publications on Romanticism as a movement (see eg, Romanticism and Ideology, published by Routledge) and on individual Romantic writers (see eg, William Hazlitt: Selected Writings, Oxford University Press). At present I am completing a book about some key ideas that have informed the writing and the criticism of poetry in the 20th century. Although a main strand of my research is concerned with poetry, questions about culture, about creativity, and about the links between literature and philosophy all enter into my research on the legacies of Romanticism. My work brings together insights from cultural studies. aesthetics and literary criticism and contributes to wide-ranging debates about the nature of cultural modernity. All these interests feed into my teaching to both undergraduate and graduate students. I have supervised a large number of PhD students on subjects in modern literature, literature and philosophy and creative and critical writing. I have taught at universities in the United States, Europe and India and I'm on the international advisory board of the Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis. I am also a member of the Arts and Humanities Research Council Peer Review College and a Literature advisor to the British Council.

Areas of Expertise

Literary and cultural studies from the romantic period to the present day; media debate, including censorship.