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Louise Glanville


  • PSY

Personal profile

Academic Background

Having completed a BSc (Hons) in Psychology (UCL, 2004-2007) and an MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience (Durham University, 2007-2009), Louise embarked on a career in secondary education. In 2018, inspired by her experiences in the classroom, Louise embarked on completing a part-time MRes (Research Methods in Psychology) at Goldsmiths, University London. During this time, she began to appreciate the complementary nature of balancing a teaching career and a research degree. Louise found that each strand of her working life inspired the other. Her MRes research project investigated whether students high in sensory processing sensitivity are more negatively impacted by background noise than other students. Specifically, she focused on the effect of background noise on attentional control.  

Key Research Interests

Louise is interested in how individual differences affect learning. While interested in a wide array of individual differences, Louise holds a particular interest in a personality trait called Sensory Processing Sensitivity (Aron, 1997). She is interested in how this trait affects a child’s experience of school, their emotional wellbeing, cognitive processes and learning.