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I have a number of active research areas but am particularly interested in research that addresses any of the following issues. (1) Climate resilient development (pathways) are currently seen as one approach to balance the often competing demands between between climate action and development. Despite the developments in thinking in this area empirical studies exploring practically how (or even if) this can be achieved are thin on the ground. (2) As climate impacts deepen the consequences for mental health will be more pronounced and more visible. Using solastalgia (the grief one feels when one's home / community are irrevocably lost or changed) as a starting point, I am interested in exploring how people and places manage feelings of loss brought on by climate change and how we can ensure that these more intangible elements are incorporated and recognised within climate responses at different levels (e.g. internationally within the loss and damage framework through to appropriate national and sub-national action to support mental health impacts). (3) Human mobility associated with climate change has been a long standing interest of mine and I am always on the look out for exciting research that explores some of the many issues that link mobility, adaptation, and climate change. (4) How people represent themselves and are represented during times of crises (for instance following disaster events) has significant and lasting implications for their longer-term recovery. Typically, those who are disempowered and marginalised are least able to shape the way that they are represented which undermines their abilities to express the type and nature of interventions and support that would be most beneficial for them. I am particularly keen to support and engage with empowering research that seeks to upend typical power dynamics and give voice and agency to those who are often less visible. Please do approach me if you are interested in any of the issues highlighted above.

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