Nadia Koerniawan

Nadia Koerniawan


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My name is Nadia Koerniawan. I am from Indonesia. I am a first year PhD student that started in October 2016. I have a B.BA degree in Business Administration (2014) from President University, Indonesia, and MSc in Entrepreneurship (2015) from University of Liverpool, United Kingdom.


I have experience in working in variety of business backgrounds. I have been actively involved into some events during my university time. I did my internship in marketing and sales team at 4-star hotel in Bali, Indonesia for 8 months in 2013-2014. I also have experience working in the restaurant industry in both the UK and Indonesia.


My research is about innovation, big data, SMEs and the food industry. I want to explore the relationship between these main areas to help theses SMEs to improve their performance. For this research, I will work closely with one of the biggest supermarket retailers in the UK and use their suppliers’ data as my research data. From this research, I hope that I can positively contribute to the industry, especially SMEs and their business.


Currently, I am involved in one project, called Who Buys My Food. It is a project that is led by my supervisor Prof Andrew Fearne. The project aims to give a free insight to SMEs regarding their business performance and how to improve it.


I am a food enthusiast. I like to try new foods and also cook new recipes. During my spare time, I like to travel to explore some new places and I like to watch movies.


I am under the supervision of Prof Andrew Fearne (NBS) and Dr Ismail Gölgeci (NBS).