Personal profile

Areas of Expertise

The work of Stanley Cavell; ethics; philosophy and the arts (especially film and literature); phenomenology and existentialism; and the philosophy of religion.  

Academic Background

I was introduced to philosophy through an interest in Marxism, which led me first to Hegel, and then to an interest in the wider tradition of so-called 'continental' philosophy (and especially to the figures of Kierkegaard and Heidegger). At the same time, growing interests in Hinduism, Wittgenstein, and the work of Stanley Cavell, took me from a Commonwealth Scholarship at Jadavpur University in India, then to SOAS, and finally to a PhD at the University of Warwick (funded by the British Academy). My thesis was on a certain moral conception of the philosophical enterprise; one which allowed me, then and subsequently, to understand topics which I had previously considered external to my philosophical interests (such as cinema, literature, and religion) as instead internal to them – as having recognisable and rewarding philosophical concerns.

Teaching Interests

  • Radical Philosophy
  • Classic Readings in Philosophy
  • Philosophy Meets the Arts
  • Existential Philosophies
  • MA in Philosophy & Literature Seminar
  • MRes Supervision