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I'm a doctoral student on a mission to uncover the secrets of the gut's tiny residents, bacteriophages, and their relationship with the gut microbiome. My research, made possible by the MRC's support in the MMB DTP project, delves into how these minuscule viruses interact with the bacteria in our aging gut. It's all about satisfying my scientific curiosity and exploring the unknown.

Before joining the Adriaenssens group (Quadram institute), I was immersed in the world of bacteriophages at Makerere University. My focus was on studying bacteriophages with the potential to cause diseases in both animals and humans. That's where my fascination with these microorganisms began.

But I don't stop my exploration in the lab. I'm also a science communicator, and I have a blog called "The Phage" where I break down the science of bacteriophages in an accessible way. I contribute guest posts to various websites, all in the hope of shedding light on the significance of these tiny viruses in our gut.

My work could have major implications, potentially leading to exciting breakthroughs in therapy and human health.


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