Sophie Bremner

Sophie Bremner


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I am a lecturer in the School of Global Development (DEV) at UEA with specific responsibility for our Foundation Year programme, a course I founded in conjunction with colleagues in 2019. I lead DEV’s undergraduate placement programmes, helping students develop their employability after graduating, and I act as Senior Advisor for both undergraduates and postgraduates, supporting students throughout their degrees. I work with our Student of Colour ambassadors to help create a sense of belonging and community in DEV. I am also undergraduate admissions officer for the School. I convene and co-teach four Foundation Year modules in addition to convening and co-teaching a second-year anthropology module.

My academic background is in social anthropology, with a particular interest in the anthropology of Christianity. Before joining DEV as a lecturer, I worked as a Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham, exploring how members of Christian megachurches in London think about and conceptualise their community social engagement activities. My contribution to this AHRC-funded interdisciplinary research project focused on Nigerian-led megachurches.

My ESRC-funded PhD research (at the School of Global Development at UEA) focused on Pentecostal Christians in Kampala, Uganda and the processes through which believers, in particular poor parishioners, appropriate and make sense of doctrine and religious practice, and how these relate to ideas of wealth, fortune and misfortune. 

My Master's degree (MRes), which was also funded by the ESRC and completed in DEV, focused on the changing experiences of female converts to Pentecostalism in Buddhist Thailand, looking in particular at concepts of sexual and romantic relations with men.