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I am interested in the physical and biogeochemical controls on ocean carbon cycling on scales ranging from the submesoscale to the global ocean.

I work in the Green Ocean Group at the University of East Anglia, where I develop and use the PlankTOM ocean model to study questions related to ocean carbon cycling, especially in the Southern Ocean. Examples of questions that I am currently collaborating on include: How has ozone recovery since the adoption of the Montréal protocol changed the functioning of the Southern Ocean, and what implications do these changes have for the carbon cycle? How does variability in the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation affect the biotic and abiotic controls on the North Atlantic carbon sink? How do we expect ocean ecosystems to change in the coming century, and how will these changes affect the biological carbon pump and the carbon sink? Can we use carbon-14 as a tracer of major features in ocean carbon circulation? I also organized and ran the Green Ocean team’s submission for the 2023 Global Carbon Budget.

For my PhD, I led the development of a carbonate chemistry module for the SalishSeaCast NEMO Model, a submesoscale-resolution, quasi-operational model of the Salish Sea in the Pacific Northwest. Using this model, we discovered that anthropogenic climate change has already caused major shifts in aragonite saturation state, a major indicator of ocean acidification, from the preindustrial to the present day . We also developed data-science driven methods for determining biogeochemical provinces from ocean models. I also have experience in sea-going polar oceanography and in the development of automated underway instrumentation for the measurement of trace gasses. 

Somewhat unusually, I am an oceanographer from a landlocked country. I sometimes collaborate with the Czech climate science communication team Fakta o Klimatu (Facts on Climate) (link: 

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  • Global Carbon Budget 2023

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