Tom Greaves
  • 1.17 Arts and Humanities Building

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Academic Background

I completed a PhD in 2007 at Warwick University on Heidegger and Environmental Philosophy. I moved to UEA in 2008. My research and teaching have focused on philosophical traditions and methods that address the breadth and diveristy of our lived experience of the natural world, including aesthetic, ethical, political and historical perspectives. My current work is focussed on ecological phenomenology and environmental aesthetics.


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Key Research Interests

Ecological Phenomenology;  Environmental Ethics; Environmental Aesthetics; Martin Heidegger; R.G. Collingwood

Teaching Interests

UG: Phenomenology and Existentialism; Environmental Philosophy; Nietzsche and Nihilism; Philosophy of History; Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art.

PG: Criticism and Critique