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Claire Moran


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Personal profile

Academic Background

I am a Lecturer (FHEA) with an interdisciplinary background and expertise in mental health, psychotherapy and medical humanities. I am influenced by psychological theory and scientific enquiry, alongside wider theoretical perspectives from philosophy, sociology and anthropology. I remain in clinical practice as a Psychotherapist specialising in child/adolescent mental health and working with offenders in HM Prisons.

I lead on the design and delivery of mental health teaching across the Occupational Therapy programme at BSc and MSc level in HSC, and contribute to advanced post-graduate mental health courses. I am also a Lecturer and module lead for Intro II Histories, Theories and Methods for the new course MA Medical and Health Humanities in MED.

I teach a broad range of topics across mental health and trauma-informed therapies. I have developed innovative approaches to teaching complex subjects, using mixed medias and experiential methods, and I am involved in curriculum and assessment design. My colleagues and I have developed work around student communication skills, authoring the Communication Star learning tool for assessment. I am developing my work on trauma-informed Pedagogy through my MA, conducting research on our student population. I am the first generation of my family to attend university - I am keen to demystify academia, and encourage confidence and individuality in our students. I also value remaining a specialist in clinical practice, which allows me to orient my teaching and research alongside real-life experience.

I am a qualified Psychotherapist with a career of over a decade in the NHS, and I draw on this expertise in my teaching. My work concerns understanding and treating the effects of trauma across the lifespan, as well as addressing the impacts of inequality and discrimination. I am critical of the medical model of mental health, and passionate about addressing social deteminants of mental health, such as poverty, violence and oppression. My work is informed by developmental, relational and psychoanalytical theory as well as intersectional perspectives concerning race, gender and class. I am interested in the politics of mental health: societal inequalities; family and the care system; the effects of poverty and substance use, and the relational power structures that oppress and cause harm. I am also particularly interested in harmful and violent behaviour, such as sex offending and the online culture of misogyny, and the relationship between gender, violence and trauma.

I am currently writing about harmful and violent behaviour and my therapeutic work in the prison through a relational lens, drawing on feminist literature and theories of masculinity. 

Administrative Posts

Module Lead for Intro II Histories, Theories & Methods on MA Medical & Health Humanites (assessment design, curriculum planning, moderation activities)

Module Lead for MSc OTP1 and OTP2 (inc. moderation)

Panel member for FMH FACP

Member of UEA Staff Development Committee  

Member of ACAT Ethics Committee

Editor for Reformulation (ACAT)


Trustee for FPSA (Foundation for Professionals in Services to Adolescents)

Consultancy for SenSI Treatment LTD (Children's therapies/ adopted children)

Psychotherapist in NHS / HM Prisons

Volunteer Speaker for NACOA 

Areas of Expertise

Psychotherapy/ psychology (developmental/ psychoanalytic/ relational theory)

The politics of mental health/ social determinants (inequalities, oppression, violence, poverty, care system, class)

Harmful behaviour - violence, sexual offending, cultures of misogyny online (interdisciplinary perspectives - feminism/ psychology/ psychoanalysis/ sociology)

Therapeutic use of self/ therapeutic communication skills

Child and adolescent mental health

Interdsciplinary perspectives on death and dying/ endings

Education/Academic qualification

Master in Science, University of East Anglia

Award Date: 27 Feb 2014

Bachelor of Arts, University of Bristol

Award Date: 27 Jul 2007

External positions

Psychotherapist, HM Prisons, Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

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Media Expertise

  • Mental Health
  • Psychology
  • Gender politics
  • Child development