Victor Morgan

Victor Morgan


  • 0.14 Arts and Humanities Building

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Teaching areas are The Renaissance; Family, Household and Kinship; The History of Norwich, Ideas and Beliefs of the ‘Jacobethans’; the Social Anthropology of Early Modern England; Shakespeare’s World; English Cultural History 1450 – 1750.

Has published in the areas of the history of universities; the law; architecture, great houses and palaces; the history of portraiture; patronage and clientage; cartography; emblems and the symbolic universe; ritual and ceremony; regions and regional material culture.


Key Research Interests

Current research interests include civic ritual in renaissance Norwich; the history of fame and celebrity, especially in the renaissance; the renaissance in provincial England.

Areas of Expertise

History of family, household and kinship; East Anglian history, esp. Norfolk and Norwich; history of royal courts and monarchy; aristocracy and nobility; Tudor and Stuart painting and great houses; symbolism and iconography; collectors and collecting; English cultural history and social history, mainly 16th-18th century; social structure, 1450-1750; history of universities; patronage, clientage and corruption; history of cartography, books, manuscripts, libraries and archives; constitutional and administrative history; history of English regions; history of ritual and ceremony; computer applications in the humanities; modern social and political issues from an historical perspective.