Malcolm Walker Award for New Environmental Researchers

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In memory of Malcolm Walker (1942-2015), and in recognition of his outstanding lifelong support for the Society, his wide-ranging knowledge and enthusiasm for meteorology and oceanography, and his encouragement of others, an award called the ‘Malcolm Walker Award’ shall be bestowed annually, if appropriate. The award aims to recognise and encourage new environmental researchers from a wide range of disciplines.

The award is for emerging researchers* who have undertaken their research in the UK and/or sponsored by a UK body. No-one shall be eligible for the award a second time. The candidate’s research should have brought new insights into an aspect of the environmental sciences, which includes elements of meteorology and/or oceanography. The application should demonstrate that the candidate has an understanding of the historical context of their research and is able to communicate their work to a diverse audience.
Degree of recognitionNational
Granting OrganisationsRoyal Meteorological Society