UEA Engagement Award

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Most recently, in May 2022, I was honoured to win a UEA Engagement Award, in the category of Achievement award for excellence in engagement due to my podcast initiative.   The impact of the podcast has also spread to local schools. I have been invited by the City College of Norwich, Langley school and Kings Lynn Springwood Highschool to give motivational talks to students exemplifying my career path. The podcast has also grasped international interest. The biotech company Hello Bio interviewed me for their online interview blog. After the interview, I was invited to write other two blogs, which were highly popular on social media, and they now collect over 6000 views. I have also been invited by the Equality and Diversity Blog series from the school of Biological Sciences at UEA to write about my scientific trajectory.  The podcast is being listened to in 27 different countries and it has over 25000 interactions on social media and it is available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.  
Granting OrganisationsUniversity of East Anglia