UEA Engagement Awards - Student Award: Black Lives Matter Seminar Series

  • Eaglestone, A. (Recipient), Ibarra Hempel, A. (Recipient), Randell, B. (Recipient), Nicol, C. (Recipient), Gell, J. (Recipient), Erdem, M. (Recipient), Medhurst, M. (Recipient), Suzuki, M. (Recipient), Mills-Robertson, N. (Recipient), Clinton Copeland, S. (Recipient) & Huang, Xing (Recipient)

Prize: Prize (including medals and awards)


The Black Lives Matter (BLM) seminar series brought the BLM movement into the university experience and created links with the wider struggle for Black lives.
By connecting with the BLM movement outside of the University, the seminar series played a role in transforming the university into a better place for all. Safe space guidelines were created and distributed before and during the sessions, and have been used as a guiding document at the ‘Decolonising PPL’ working group when discussing how to create inclusive and supportive online spaces. The ‘Decolonise LDC’ student group also formed partially because of the event.
Fruitful and positive engagements were made with a range of external cultural and community organisations. Speaker organisations included; Cradle Community, Sisters Uncut, and black&brown. As most speakers chose to donate their fees, additional engagements were also made with the Black Cultural Archives, the George Padmore Institute and Imkaan.
Granting OrganisationsUniversity of East Anglia