Winner - Partnership of the Year for INOGOV (Innovations in Climate Governance)
Summary of the project:
International climate policy emerges at glacial speed, but new forms of governing are nonetheless appearing at the city level and in the private sector. The problem is that non-state responses to the climate emergency are often too dynamic and diffuse to be comprehended via a conventional research project.
Therefore, Dr Johanna Forster and Prof Andy Jordan opted for a looser style of working, forging an international partnership of 28 countries to leverage impact well beyond academia.
Funded for 4 years (2014-18) INOGOV was hugely productive: a book of its main findings has been downloaded over 90,000 times.
Of the 669 partnerships funded in the period 2014-20, an independent evaluation placed INOGOV amongst the four most impactful. Another evaluation concluded that its impacts had been “nothing short of remarkable”.