Systematic review of engagement with patient portals among older adults

Project Details


The aim of the NIHR HS&DR grant application is to help over-65s and their carers better use patient portals to make the most of the benefits. The findings will help develop an NHS guide (known as a Blueprint) that details how best to support older people to use patient portals. The first stage would be for a systematic review to be completed prior to grant submission and the study activity. UEAHSCP may wish to form part of the Steering Committee from the grant stage and partners may wish to join the project team to consider learning for their own portal design.
Work based on experience of OptiMine - the name of the CRUK study that we conducted with Helena 2019-2020. portal work leading to bid of 350k to NIHR and possible fellowship for ZK that would cover WSH costs (200-300K)

Layman's description

The study will look to create a blueprint for successful engagement, based on studies of at least three digital exemplar trusts, including West Suffolk Hospital.
Effective start/end date1/06/201/09/20


  • National Institute for Health and Care Research: £356,514.91