Use of Genome mutation data for the clinical management of patients with prostate and testicular cancer

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Effective start/end date1/09/1331/12/17


  • Bob Champion Cancer Trust: £136,172.00
  • Analysis of the genetic phylogeny of multifocal prostate cancer identifies multiple independent clonal expansions in neoplastic and morphologically normal prostate tissue

    Cooper, C., Eeles, R. A., Wedge, D. C., Van Loo, P., Gundem, G., Alexandrov, LB., Kreymer, B., Butler, A., Lynch, A., Edwards, S. E., Camacho, N., Massie, C. E., Kote-Jarai, Z., Dennis, N., Merson, S., Leongamornlert, D. A., Zamora, J., Kay, J., Luxton, H. J., Corbishley, C. & 51 others, Thomas, S., Nik-Zainal, S., O'Meara, S., Matthews, L., Clark, J., Hurst, R., Mithen (IFR), R., Bristow (Ontario Cancer Inst. CA), R., Boutros, P. C., Fraser, M., Cooke, S., Raine, K., Jones, D., Menzies, A., Stebbings, L., Hinton, J., Teague, J., Mclaren, S., Mudie, L., Hardy, C., Anderson, E., Joseph, O., Goody, V., Robinson, B., Maddison, M., Gamble, SJ., Greenman, C., Berney, D., Hazell, S., Livni, N., Fisher, C., Ogden, C., Kumar, P., Thompson, A., Woodhouse, C. J., Nicol, D., Mayer, E., Dudderidge, T., Shah, N., Gnanapragasam, V., Voet, T., Campbell, P., Futreal, P. A., Easton, D. F., Warren, A. Y., Foster, C. S., Stratton, M. R., Whitaker, H. C., McDermott, U., Brewer, D. & Neal, D. E., Apr 2015, In: Nature Genetics. 47, p. 367–372 6 p.

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  • The evolutionary history of lethal metastatic prostate cancer

    Gundem, G., Van Loo, P., Kremeyer, B., Alexandrov, LB., Tubio, J. M. C., Papaemmanuil, E., Brewer, D., Kallio, H., Högnäs, H., Annala, M., Kivinummi, K., Goody, V., Latimer, C., O'Meara, S., Dawson, K., Isaacs, W., Emmert-Buck, M. R., Nykter, M., Foster, C. S., Kote-Jarai, Z. & 10 others, Easton, D. F., Whitaker, H. C., Neal, D. E., Cooper, C., Eeles, R. A., Visakorpi, T., Campbell, P., Mcdermott, U., Wedge, D. C. & Bova, G. S., 16 Apr 2015, In: Nature. 520, 7547, p. 353–357 5 p.

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