A genome-wide functional investigation into the roles of receptor-like proteins in Arabidopsis

Guodong Wang, Ursula Ellendorff, Ben Kemp, John W Mansfield, Alec Forsyth, Kathy Mitchell, Kubilay Bastas, Chun-Ming Liu, Alison Woods-Tör, Cyril Zipfel, Pierre J G M de Wit, Jonathan D G Jones, Mahmut Tör, Bart P H J Thomma

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Receptor-like proteins (RLPs) are cell surface receptors that typically consist of an extracellular leucine-rich repeat domain, a transmembrane domain, and a short cytoplasmatic tail. In several plant species, RLPs have been found to play a role in disease resistance, such as the tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) Cf and Ve proteins and the apple (Malus domestica) HcrVf2 protein that mediate resistance against the fungal pathogens Cladosporium fulvum, Verticillium spp., and Venturia inaequalis, respectively. In addition, RLPs play a role in plant development; Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana) TOO MANY MOUTHS (TMM) regulates stomatal distribution, while Arabidopsis CLAVATA2 (CLV2) and its functional maize (Zea mays) ortholog FASCINATED EAR2 regulate meristem maintenance. In total, 57 RLP genes have been identified in the Arabidopsis genome and a genome-wide collection of T-DNA insertion lines was assembled. This collection was functionally analyzed with respect to plant growth and development and sensitivity to various stress responses, including susceptibility toward pathogens. A number of novel developmental phenotypes were revealed for our CLV2 and TMM insertion mutants. In addition, one AtRLP gene was found to mediate abscisic acid sensitivity and another AtRLP gene was found to influence nonhost resistance toward Pseudomonas syringae pv phaseolicola. This genome-wide collection of Arabidopsis RLP gene T-DNA insertion mutants provides a tool for future investigations into the biological roles of RLPs.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)503-17
Number of pages15
JournalPlant Physiology
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - Jun 2008


  • Arabidopsis
  • Arabidopsis Proteins
  • Genome, Plant
  • Mutagenesis, Insertional

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