A new estimation of the recent tropospheric molecular hydrogen budget using atmospheric observations and variational inversion

C. Yver, I. Pison, A. Fortems-Cheiney, M. Schmidt, P. Bousquet, M. Ramonet, A Jordan, A. Sovde, A. Engel, R. Fisher, D. Lowry, E. Nisbet, I. Levin, S. Hammer, J. Necki, J. Bartyzel, S. Reimann, M. K. Vollmer, M. Steinbacher, T. AaltoM. Maione, I. Arduini, S. O'Doherty, A. Grant, W. Sturges, C. R. Lunder, V. Privalov, N. Paramonova

Research output: Working paperPreprint

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