A new inductive debris sensor based on dual-excitation coils and dual-sensing coils for online debris monitoring

Xianwei Wu, Yinghong Zhang, Nian Li, Zhenghua Qian, Dianzi Liu, Zhi Qian, Chenchen Zhang

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Lubricants are of key importance for mechanical processing, and exist in nearly every mechanical system. When the equipment is in operation, debris particles will be generated in mechanical lubricants. The detection of debris particles can indicate the wear degree of machinery components, and provide prognosis warning for the system before the fault occurs. In this work, a novel type of inductive debris sensor consisting of two excitation coils and two sensing coils is proposed for online debris monitoring. The developed sensor was proven to be of high sensitivity through experimental verification. The testing results show that, using the designed sensor, ferrous metal debris with a size of 115 μm and nonferrous metal debris with a size of 313 μm in a pipe with an inner diameter of 12.7 mm can be effectively detected. Moreover, the proposed inductive debris sensor structure has better sensitivity at higher throughput and its design provides a useful insight into the development of high-quality sensors with superior performances.

Original languageEnglish
Article number7556
Issue number22
Publication statusPublished - 13 Nov 2021


  • Inductive debris sensor
  • Metal debris
  • Online debris monitoring

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