Abstracts of the 23rd International Isotope Society (UK group) Symposium: Synthesis and applications of labelled compounds 2014

A. Anwar, S. Archibald, D. Audisio, G. Badman, J. Bergin, S. P. Bew, J. Bloom, N. Bushby, A. Busigin, M. Y T Chan, J. Davies, J. Dilworth, M. Dunscombe, C. S. Elmore, P. Engstrom, M. J. Fuchter, N. J. Geach, D. Georgin, A. Griffiths, P. HansenG. Hardcastle, G. D. Hiatt-Gipson, M. J. Hickey, S. L. Kitson, A. Lashford, E. Lenz, S. Lewinton, W. J S Lockley, O. Loreau, S. Maddocks, P. Marlière, A. Mcewen, T. S. Moody, P. Morgan, S. J. Roe, D. J. Schenk, D. J. Speed, R. A. Stockman, K. Sumal, F. Taran, S. Thurston, M. Waring, W. H. Watters.

Research output: Other contribution

Original languageEnglish
TypeList of Abstracts
Publication statusPublished - 12 Mar 2015

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