An Experimental Evaluation of Nearest Neighbour Time Series Classification

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Data mining research into time series classification (TSC) has focussed on alternative distance measures for nearest neighbour classifiers. It is standard practice to use 1-NN with Euclidean or dynamic time warping (DTW) distance as a straw man for comparison.
As part of a wider investigation into elastic distance measures for TSC~\cite{lines14elastic}, we perform a series of experiments to test whether this standard practice is valid.

Specifically, we compare 1-NN classifiers with Euclidean and DTW distance to standard classifiers, examine whether the performance of 1-NN Euclidean approaches that of 1-NN DTW as the number of cases increases, assess whether there is any benefit of setting $k$ for $k$-NN through cross validation whether it is worth setting the warping path for DTW through cross validation and finally is it better to use a window or weighting for DTW. Based on experiments on 77 problems, we conclude that 1-NN with Euclidean distance is fairly easy to beat but 1-NN with DTW is not, if window size is set through cross validation.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2014

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NameTechnical Report CMP-C14-01


  • Time Series Classification
  • dynamic time warping

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